Do you have an idea about how to improve your community?

We are offering grants of up to £5,000 to support technology-centred ideas that will improve transport, water and energy use, health and the environment within Milton Keynes.

You don't need to have any knowledge or experience in using technology - just a great idea we can help you develop. Have a look at our "funded ideas" to find out about the ideas we are already supporting and be inspired. You can also find out more about our competition funding or the Our MK project. Additionally we are also promoting this free online Smart Cities course where you can learn about the role of technology and data in making cities more sustainable and how citizens can get involved. 



There are three different ways you can use Our MK to improve your local community:

  • Submit an Idea: If you have an idea about making your community greener, but don't want to apply for funding or run a project, submit an idea.
  • Submit a Project: If you have an idea about making your community greener and want to apply for funding to make that idea a reality, submit a project.
  • Volunteer on a Project: If you want to help make Milton Keynes a more sustainable city but don't want to propose and run your own project, you can choose to volunteer on a project that interests you and help make it a reality.  




Latest News


First Raspberry Pi workshop is a great success

Raspberry Pi workshop


The first Community Raspberry Pi pilot workshop ran on Wednesday 17th August. Hosted at the UCMK campus on Avebury Boulevard, seven attendees learnt about how to construct a Raspberry Pi computer before using Scratch to learn some basic coding skills.

All of the participants enjoyed the sessions and wanted to attend the series of workshops currently being planned which will extend their knowledge of what it is possible to do with the Raspberry Pi and how it might contribute to greener computing.

Attendees enjoyed the “hands on experience” and praised the informative and friendly facilitators. Several attendees suggested that they would enjoy a longer workshop as the extra time would really help them get into the details of what it would be possible to do with the Raspberry Pi.

If you would like to find out more about the upcoming series of workshops, please contact us or  sign up to our Citizen Innovation Newsletter.


Citizen Innovators Come Together



While we are pleased with the progress of each of the Our MK projects, we have noticed that there had been little interaction between the various volunteers.

As such, on 8th July we bought these innovative citizens together for a collaboration lunch at University Campus Milton Keynes. The lunch gave project leaders a chance to share their projects and to understand about other ideas being supported through Our MK. The event sparked discussions about how the projects were going and enabled people to explore new opportunities. We also heard from citizen innovators about the benefits of Our MK. They said:

  • "It helped me to think clearly through ideas I am working on, which helps to make it real". Ziyenge, Raspberry Pi Project
  • "The most useful thing about Our MK funding is being given a platform to build on and continued use of resources". Lyndsey, Digital Upcycling Shop Project
  • "The exchange of ideas has been more interesting and useful than advice". Padma, Navigation Beacons Project

Our MK is now looking to use the lessons learned from Our MK to develop this project further, giving people the opportunity to lead on future city solutions and projects. You can find out about the projects currently being supported and to find out about upcoming opportunities sign up to our Citizen Innovation Newsletter.




Redways Reporting App is eighth funded project


1443782825271.jpegPhoto Open Source

MK has one of the best cycle route systems in the country but it is significantly under utilized. The use of the system is discouraged by problems such as poor lighting, overhanging vegetation, poor cycle priority at junctions, poor surfacing, glass on the surface and poor signage.

The project is based around developing a phone app which can be used to quickly and easily record and report problems with the Redway system. The app will be map based to allow issues to be located and photographs and comments to be attached to provide more information on a particular problem. The results of this reporting system would be immediately available to the Council and Parks Trust to take appropriate action. This action might relate to short term maintenance issues such as cutting back vegetation or longer terms issues which would improve the overall Redway network.

You can visit the Redway Reporting App page on Our MK to find out more.



Find more news about Our MK here




Our MK is part of the MK:Smart project. MK:Smart is a collaborative initiative to turn Milton Keynes into a "Smart City". This involves using digital technologies and data to better manage the city and improve the quality of life for citizens. Our MK allows MK:Smart to engage with citizens of the city and find out their suggestions for addressing sustainability issues in their local community.


Our MK has been been listed as one of the top 5 crowdfunded initiatives in government affairs by Idox

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