About Our MK

Our MK empowers citizens of Milton Keynes to put forward ideas that will impact the community and help shape the future of MK. It’s a website open to all citizens to innovate, collaborate, share ideas, build projects — and for you to have an impact and change your community.

Join our community and let’s work together to improve MK: discuss, vote, and support ideas and projects. Get involved and make a difference. 

Get Involved

Explore Our MK to view ideas and projects submitted by citizens of Milton Keynes. You might have an idea or project yourself – use Our MK to share this with your local community. Your idea might be a simple initiative that makes a difference to how local transport, water or energy is used, or perhaps you've got a project that uses new technology and data in an innovative way that will shape the future of Milton Keynes but you need volunteers to build a team of experts. Our MK can help make your project a reality. Our MK brings together like-minded citizens of Milton Keynes who want to work together to impact and change their communities.


Our MK is part of the MK:Smart project. MK:Smart is a collaborative initiative to turn Milton Keynes into a "Smart City". This involves using digital technologies and data to better manage the city and improve the quality of life for citizens. Our MK allows MK:Smart to engage with citizens of the city and find out their suggestions for addressing sustainability issues in their local community.