About Our MK

Our MK empowers citizens of Milton Keynes to put forward ideas that will impact the community and help shape the future of MK. It’s a website open to all citizens to innovate, collaborate, share ideas, build projects — and for you to have an impact and change your community.

Join our community and let’s work together to improve MK: discuss, vote, and support ideas and projects. Get involved and make a difference. 


Our MK has been been listed as one of the top 5 crowdsourcing initiatives in government affairs by Idox

We also won the prize for "communication" at the Smart Cities UK 2017 awards. 


Our MK strongly supports the ideas behind creating inclusive Smart Cities, embodied in the European Manifesto on Citizen Engagement

Click here to find out more about the manifesto and what it means to local communities.


Get Involved

Explore Our MK to view ideas and projects submitted by citizens of Milton Keynes. You might have an idea or project yourself – use Our MK to share this with your local community. Your idea might be a simple initiative that makes a difference to how local transport, water or energy is used, or perhaps you've got a project that uses new technology and data in an innovative way that will shape the future of Milton Keynes but you need volunteers to build a team of experts. Our MK can help make your project a reality. Our MK brings together like-minded citizens of Milton Keynes who want to work together to impact and change their communities.


Our MK was started as part of the MK:Smart project. MK:Smart was a collaborative initiative to turn Milton Keynes into a "Smart City". This involved using digital technologies and data to better manage the city and improve the quality of life for citizens. Our MK allowed MK:Smart to engage with citizens of the city and find out their suggestions for addressing sustainability issues in their local community.