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“Knowing your devices”

  • Added: 01/05/15
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Education and awareness programme to hep citizens understand their appliances and devices.

An education programme to increase understanding of the devices that people already have in their homes, and to encourage best use of those to reduce energy cost and usage. Education about simple things that people might not be aware of/ or know how to use properly- e.g. timers, energy hungry devices, thermostats, freezers, slow cookers, microwave, standby mode. Understanding life-cycle and cost per week/month/year - linking with repair and maintenance, and buying better/more costly (A-Rating) at beginning if it will last longer or use less energy and therefore cost less per day/month/year, which may in turn promote lifestyle changes. We could do his through Face to Face Community Champions, that can talk on same evel and are a known face to trust.

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I have heard that some libraries lend out devices to read the wattage used by plug in appliances


Anna Klis-Davies

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Thank you for your comments Andrew. Hopefully your experience of championing knowledge within this area can be used for a tangible educational project for MK Citizens.

Andrew Smith

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Really great idea Anna. Too many people grumble when the bill comes, but don't really know what makes it up. Education as to what are the consumption "big hitters" would be great.

I've been involved with working with people in fuel poverty and had champions providing an in-house education service. Always amazed at how little many people know about what consumes the most power. EG: they'll religiously unplug their phone charger (saving 2 Watts) because they've hear you should, yet use the tumble dryer regularly and without thinking (2,000+ Watts).