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Digital Employability

  • Added: 30/10/16
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There are currently 700,000 digital jobs in the UK that we're struggling to fill, this is set to increase to 1,000,000 by 2020. The digital skills crisis cost out economy £63 billion in lost income. The lack of digital skills workforce is a growing concern for businesses in Milton Keynes as they struggle to fill roles.

Our aim is to fill the digital skills gap by providing an online learning portal where people can learn complimentary digital and employability skills that they can apply in the work place. We will have courses on employability, digital marketing and technology sales.

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Tanya Butler

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As a small business owner, I would love to see more young people with digital skills ... that are ready for work. Moving beyond social chat, and understanding what businesses are looking for. Looking forward to seeing your project move ahead!

Lavinia Drake

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I could use a member of staff who know how to do digital marketing, but don't have the time to train them, this project looks exactly what the jobs sector needs for the next workforce coming through.

Kelli Doorne

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I love this idea and can really see your courses taking off.

Chris Bianca

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This is something that needs to be addressed going forward or we're going to struggle to keep up with other countries that are developing faster than we are in this respect

Nat Muller

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With Milton Keynes becoming a logistics hub it is essential we have lots of people with good digital skills. Great idea

Kevin O'Rourke

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Superb idea to help out youngsters gain employment using skills and knowledge they already have!



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This is just the sort of enterprise Milton Keynes needs, when it comes to digital skills we should be the pioneers for the country.

Peter Rice

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Wow this guy really looking to help plug the skills gap! Brilliant concept

Angelina Nizzardi

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Frightening statistics! Really worthy business model to benefit future generations.

Marili Aitken

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I think this is such a great idea and critical for our future.