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No Water Day at School

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People are not aware of all the water they waste during a normal day.

We are proposing a school educational programme to promote water conservation. This would take the form of a “No Water Day” where students do not use running water for a day, using a limited bottled supply instead.

The schools could link the day to teaching students about how other countries use water or other water-based facts (e.g. how to sterilise it).

The scheme would raise awareness about how much water people use and how they would deal with a water shortage.

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How about using toilets, they are not waterless yet. Maybe better to have a system so you lose a point for each litre of water you use and see how many you have at the end of the day. Schools could probably measure how much water is used in each flush and a whole project could be made around measuring how much water the children/ teenagers use when they shower or have a bath.