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Roof-top gardens growing vegetables, herbs and fruit & selling to local supermarkets

  • Added: 22/06/15
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Need for more green spaces in central MK and promotion of locally-grown, organic produce.

Utilising the roof-tops of the many buildings in Central MK by turning them into gardens.

Why not try and create a project similar to the 'FOOD from the Sky' initiative that was started in North London a few years ago - a food growing and educational initiative on the roof top of Thornton’s Budgens supermarket in Crouch End. This great project grew fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits to organic standard and sold them 10 meters below to the Thorntons Budgens supermarket - "10 meters from Soil to Shelf!". It was also a great opportunity for local residents to volunteer and learn more about gardening.

Is there already a roof-top garden over Sainsbury's in MK and does it grow vegetables?

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Alexander Swanepoel

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I know that in the past, even Ringway have sponsored 'gardening spots', which are located by the buszy. This could be a pretty popular idea =).


Alissa Pemberton

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Wolverton Farmers Market would love to support new food growing projects with a place to sell!