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Solar power in car parks

  • Added: 04/09/15
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Solar panels on top of trolley parks or even on canopies in car parks.

Put solar panels on top of trolley parks in supermarket car parks or even on canopies in car parks. If they were on canopies in car parks, it would mean that solar power is being generated and cars would also be keeping cooler in the shade of the canopies, therefore reducing the need for air conditioning to be put on in an extremely hot car which has been sitting in the direct sunlight. Electric cars can be charged and the stored power can go to lighting the car parks and surrounding areas or buildings.

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James Rayner

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This would make great use of existing space rather than filling fields with PV. Like Andrew said battery storage is key for use once the sun goes down, powering street lighting and road signs. Car charging would be better still.


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Yes let's use our tarmacked open spaces for solar. In carparks they would also shade cars in the hot weather.

Andrew Smith

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Great idea - If you add in some battery storage to the system, the PV electricity could be buffered for later usage.