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MK Hackathon

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Locals love the idea of redways, but find them difficult to use. The app could change that.


Develop a mobile app to help people use the redways

MK Hackathon will develop a prototype app for navigating the redways, but it will need development and refinement for widespread use.

The software will be open source and the app will be free for use. We will investigate some commercial sponsorship of the app for sustainable funding for ongoing development.

Project Team

Dr Neil Smith: Senior lecturer in computing, Open University.
Jessica McGinn: Lovegood Creative, an MK-based web development consultancy
Karen McGeeney: Juxt, an MK-based software development consultancy
Axel Segebrecht: Events manager, Cranfield University.

Together, we have put together the MK Hackathon and are directors of the MK Hackathon CIC. Neil Smith can provide links with the MK Smart team. Jessica McGinn and Karen McGeeney provide technical expertise and connections with the wider developer community in Milton Keynes. Axel Segebrecht has connections with larger organisations and dissemination of the project outcomes.

The hackathon has been shortlisted for the Biztech BrightSparc awards.

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