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Water bore hole driven by green renewable energy

  • Added: 06/10/15
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It is important because it has three main ingredients water, solar and wind


To have a bore hole drilled with a submersible pump driven by wind and solar power with a battery or converter. The water would be pumped into a storage tank 6000ltrs and plumbed in to an existing water grid on the allotments.

Drill and line a water bore hole, fit a submersible pump driven by wind and solar power. Water pumped into an elevated tank 6000ltrs, this would be connected to a grid already on the allotments.

By using groundwater this would eleiviate the pressure on water treatment works.

Project Team

The team is myself les burgess, our secretary john such, backed by 12 committee members of our association

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Sue Burgess

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This idea makes total sense in every way. Eco friendly.. beneficial to many people.... and the end result is lots of healthy veg fruit and plants which in turn make us healthy too! A definite plus to an already much improved and appreciated site.