Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Our MK


  • What can I do to get more involved with the Our MK?

    The Our MK community is based around the citizens of Milton Keynes. The ideas and projects which you put forward are integral to driving change for local communities. You can become more involved through supporting, discussing and sharing ideas and projects, or of course submitting your own initiatives. If you've got specific skills which you think could help a project come to life then consider volunteering your skills for one of the projects already posted on Our MK and if the project owner thinks you'd be a great addition to their team they'll be in touch.


  • How can I work out whether my idea or project is suitable for Our MK?

    If you're unsure if your project or idea is suitable for Our MK, or if you'd like to contact us to discuss you initiative more please contact us to discuss your idea in more detail.


  • What's the difference between an idea and a project?

    An idea could be a simple initiative that affects only a small part of your local community. Projects are larger scale initiatives that may involve multiple stakeholders to instigate real change through innovation and collaboration.


  • What happens once my idea or project has been submitted?

    Once you idea or project is submitted our board will review it's suitability for Our MK. If it sounds like the sort of thing that the local community will be able to get behind we'll publish it to the site and let you know. If for any reason we think that your idea or project could be improved we'll let you know.


  • How can I join the Our MK community?

    Whether you work in Milton Keynes, live locally or just socialise here joining is simple. Simply register your details with us and very soon you'll be able to join in the discussions, support initiatives or even post your own ideas and projects.
  • I have a general question about Our MK?

    You can get in touch with the Our MK team via the contact us page.


  • Why has my idea or project been rejected?

    If you've submitted an idea or project but we don't think this is quite right for the Our MK community we'll let you know why.


  • What can I do if I'm having trouble logging in?

    If you're having trouble logging in to Our MK, try resetting your password. If probelms still persist please contact us and we'll see what we can do to resovle any problems you're having.


  • I've seen some inappropriate content on Our MK. How can I let you know?

    Our MK is a platform open to all. As such sometimes people will share comments which some may find offensive. If you see anything which you don't think should be here please flag the content as inappropriate and our moderators will review the content to make sure Our MK remains a safe and open community.