Submit your big idea

Submit an Idea or a Project

Our MK needs your projects and ideas to help shape the future of Milton Keynes. Together we can collaborate to bring innovation and change to local communities. Whether yours is a small idea or a big project that impacts how local citizens use transport, energy, water or access education we want to hear from you. Submit your idea for local communities to discuss and support and help make MK better.


If you want to apply for funding, note that submitting a project is only the first step. Visit our competition page for full details as to how to apply for funding.


You should post an idea when you:

  • Have an idea of how to improve your community
  • Have an idea which you would like to discuss 
  • Do not want to apply for funding

You should post a project when you:

  • Have a detailed description of what you would like to do 
  • Have a plan of action to turn your idea into reality
  • Want to apply for funding