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Gamification of the redways around Campbell Park

  • Added: 08/04/16


Milton Keynes has a traffic free network for walking and cycling routes that is the envy of other major towns. Yet due to under investment the network is hugely under utilised by residents. Couple this with the facts that 75% of adult MK residents are over weight or obese and the borough has seen a significant increase in the number of pre diabetics. We must start to change the behaviour of residents so that they move more everyday and the best way to do this is to get them travel actively. By turning the use of a section of the redways into a game we will look to introduce families to navigating the redways and being active together.

Using geo fencing technology within a new affordable mobile phone app template we will create a treasure hunt type competition for primary aged children and their families to take part in. Each app user will be allocated to a primary school or neighbourhood (Conniburrow, Downs Barn, Fishermead, Springfield) in a selected area of MK. For every one of the twenty geo locations found the user (family, school or neighbourhood) will receive points and a clue to find the next one. The family, school or neighbourhood with the most points at the end of the specified period will win a prize. The twenty locations will lead the user into Campbell Park with the hope they'll do some additional activity from the many that take place there and realise how easy and enjoyable it is to use the redways. The app technology is very affordable and we have the ability to change the route, locations and clues at set times of the year in to keep the game fresh and hopefully keep family engaged and being active.