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Green Transport on Redways using Golf Buggies

  • Added: 04/04/17


Electric Golf Buggies can be used to transport people around MK and Tourist areas via Redways.

Drivers can be employed to transport people quickly and efficiently using electric golf buggies or rickshaws. These transport methods are used in other Countries.
- This would make more use of the quiet Redways.
- People will become more familiar with the Redway Network and may use it more for cycling and walking.
- Electric and quiet so there will be no emissions or harm to the environment.
- Reduce hundreds of cars on MK's roads
- Faster and cheaper than bus or taxi
- Can be used to transport tourists around tourist attractions
- People will become more familiar with this type of transport and lead to a natural progression towards self drive buggies/pods in the future.
- Job creation for new drivers.
- App can be made to track the location
- Sponsorship of Buggies by large companies etc.
- Fun way to travel could become an additional tourist attraction of MK.