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Community Water Butt Enterprise

  • Added: 19/06/15


Too much rainwater in Milton Keynes is wasted while people water their gardens using their hoses.

The use of water butts can reduce the use of fresh water in households, reduce wastewater run off and reduce water costs for household.

A Community Interest Company could be formed to source cheap water butts and provide them to households (using a business/financial mechanism). We propose setting up a small enterprise project that has the potential to grow and be mirrored in other areas.

Households will benefit from having reduced bills, water suppliers will benefit from having to process less water and finally water butt providers will profit from selling butts. Wildlife will also be positively impacted.

The community as a whole will also benefit from reduced flooding (because of less water runoff), but also as community conversation occur, we may increase the sense of community spirit and other interest groups may start-up.