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Rental Bike Scheme

  • Added: 19/06/15


People visiting the city have to use cars of buses as they do not have a cycle to use.

The aim is to produce a cycle hire scheme for people to use for leisure and for commuting if visiting from outside MK and for citizens of MK to use as a cheaper alternative to parking in the city. It would be able to link with other transport methods for ease of travel across the city and be an easy to use and safe method of transport.

We think that the bikes should have a speed limit, so that you cannot peddle faster than max speed, making the bikes safer. The bike stations could be located at the train station, at the edge of the city (e.g. Kingston & Westcroft) and near leisure routes (Parks, Lakes).

We could also use trackers on the bikes to record how and when people use them. It would also be useful to have maps at the stops; or possibly a GPS map on bike handles as well as physical signs on main routes for bikes to follow.

We could fist try pilot routes to try out initial routes.