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Redway Signage

  • Added: 19/06/15


The redways are difficult to navigate and many of the signs point the wrong way.

Our idea is to make more comprehensive information available on the redways. We have to make sure that the signage is useful and available for all user types (including cyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities) and that the signs take into account different types of landmarks (road names, directions and landmarks). Most importantly, the signs need to be seamless, complete and correct so that they can be relied upon.

The signs might include visual reference points (i.e. artwork at junctions) or electronic speed signs to promote safe cycling. Leisure routes should show how long the time will take and use images to follow.

Our plan is to produce pilot routes for both leisure and commuting. This would include a “I’m a Redway user, get me there” promotional campaign to get people using them and show best practice.

We hope that the reduced likelihood of getting lost on the redways will encourage people to use them.