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Reuse central reservation on Midsummer Boulevard as a Cycle Path

  • Added: 26/06/15


There is wide central reservation on Midsummer Boulevard, can't this be turned into a dedicated cycle lane to avoid accidents?

Most of Milton Keynes is served by dedicated cycle paths in the form of Redways however once you get to Milton Keynes city centre the Redway network ends and cyclists are forced to use paths busy with pedestrians or roads and car parks busy with traffic. The route between the station and the shopping centre on Midsummer Boulevard is a busy one, surely there can be a safer way for cyclists to get from one end to the other.

The central reservation on Midsummer Boulevard is wide and currently unused, I would like to see it reused as a dedicated cycle path.

This would not only encourage people who work in the city to cycle to work but it could encourage visitors to the city to bring their bike. It would also help to make cycling in the city centre safer as cyclists would be separated from pedestrians and other traffic.