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Water Storage Tanks for Houses

  • Added: 26/06/15


Water is available for free, but we are not harvesting it. We are not utilising the resources available to us for free of charge.

I think that every new build in Milton Keynes should fundamentally have water storage tanks installed in the foundations of the property, to harvest rainwater. The water system in the house would consist of 3 pipes. One would be drinking water coming from the national grid, Second would be cold water from the storage tank, and third would be hot water from the storage tank, which would be heated by the solar panels on the roof and the ground source heat pump. Thus enabling a continuous usage of resources that are available for free.

If you had an electric/hybrid car which we are moving towards all having, you could plug this car in to your solar electricity supply. You could also charge other electrical appliances, such as your mobility scooter, electric push bike.

This will be better for the environment, better for your health because of your sense of wellbeing by working with nature.