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Car-less City Centre

  • Added: 21/07/15


Milton Keynes has very high car use and a busy city centre of cars. By setting up a car-less city centre we could promote walking and public transport use which in turn would promote social interaction, reduce city centre pollution levels, and achieve a safe, pleasant environment.

By restricting cars that enter the city centre area to deliveries only we could promote a healthy and more pleasant environment.

The recent news about the number of road incidents being on the rise in Milton Keynes ( is one of many reasons why a car-less centre would be beneficial in MK.

Social cohesion being lost is another reason that this website points out "J.H. Crawford, author of Carfree Cities, is one of many who argue that social cohesion has suffered as a result of the spread of cars." (

How will it work?

Provide out of centre car parks where people can park and ride into the city either using buses or redways.

Develop a reliable and efficient bus system, retaining people's faith in buses and encouraging use. Many people would not even need to park in the out of town car parks as they could access buses directly from their estate.

Work along side the development of driverless pods ( to provide mobility to those who could not walk around the city centre.

Work along side projects which are developing rental bikes across the city.

Develop a pleasant leisure space in the city centre, used for sport, leisure, relaxation, and activities, for example with parks, gardens, shopping, cafes, ping pong tables etc.