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  • Added: 22/07/15


Timebanking is a way to help others and get help in return. Instead of money, we exchange time. We share our skills and our talents. If you help a Timebank member, you earn one Timebank Hour per hour, no matter who you are or what you do.

Some people provide rides to the grocery store or doctor. Others will watch your dog or cat – teach you yoga – shop for you or serve as your tutor or companion.

Timebanking links individuals with services, groups and local residents in the community. We give our time and expertise and in return receive
the time and expertise of others.

A resident may require a mechanic for a brake change and in return receives some decorating completed. A community group needing people to dig over the land in preparation for a community garden, and they receive free entry to a local disco. The possibilities are endless.
Everyone has a task that they loathe doing and yet other people love doing that very same thing. Ironing, cleaning the bathroom or kitchen....