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MK Women and Wellbeing

  • Added: 22/07/15


An online information website and closed Facebook group for wellbeing activities, ideas and inspiration in Milton Keynes. Providing members with a range of links to access activities which will promote personal growth and increase wellbeing. Members can share links, ideas, articles and inspiring stories within a closed Facebook group. Potential for a monthly meet-up group with free taster sessions.

This idea was inspired by the number of women seeking an increase in their wellbeing. Many have stated that they did not know where to access the information about where to find activities in Milton Keynes. There is an increasing need for access to wellbeing activities to prevent people reaching a point of depression or crisis when access to statutory mental health services would be required.

This information website will bring together as much information about different types of wellbeing activity across Milton Keynes. The website will neither endorse nor rate the activities, just provide a central source of information from which people can choose what suits them. Wellbeing is used here in its broadest meaning, so there will be a whole range of information available from walking and gardening to confidence building courses and physical activity groups.

The website will work by having a front page, then people who are interested can register for free to access all the information. By collecting members email addresses through registration, we can build a database of members who can be sent information directly about potential new courses/groups, which will be an additional draw to anyone wanting to advertise their wellbeing activity through the site.

Registered members will also then have access to a closed Facebook Group. This will be a place to share information and links which will provide peer support between members who may be struggling with their wellbeing. This will be monitored to ensure that content is not outside any acceptable boundaries.

There is also the potential for a monthly meet-up, which would take place in Milton Keynes. To enable fair access for all, the days/times and locations can be varied. This would provide face to face peer support, with the option of a free short taster session relating to wellbeing. It is anticipated that a small charge would be made to cover the cost of venue hire and refreshments.

Whilst initial costs would be incurred in setting up the site, it is anticipated that on-going costs would be minimal. Once the site is established, a small fee for advertising could be implemented to cover these ongoing costs providing a self-sustaining model. The content would be kept updated by contributions from all members as well as from those actively involved in volunteering on the site.