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£ssential Savings Pop-Up Shop for families and individuals on low incomes

  • Added: 23/07/15


'Incomes for working age people are still below 2007-2008 levels!'

There often isn't 'spare' cash or the option to buy necessities, yet many
families and individuals on low incomes are in need of essential items of furniture, household products, clothing & accessories but can't afford or want to buy these things 'new'.

Unfortunately, in today's society it is those with the least money who are preyed-on by extortionate hire-purchase companies, which often leads to difficulties with financial management and severe financial strain.

Many re-usable items unnecessarily go to landfill, yet there are people locally who can make good use of them.

Not everybody has the means to recycle, especially larger items, with a free-of-charge collection service within 10 miles means our unwanted things could substantially help others in the community and reduce waste.

There's new estates and developmental changes happening all over Milton Keynes. Arising is an increased demand for essential furniture as our communities grow and not everybody can afford, or wants to buy 'new'.

With wages low and budgets tight, buying pre-owned is the savvy way to creative cost-cutting! We can save you time and money sourcing the items you need!

A travelling pop-up shop visiting the areas of Milton Keynes that would benefit most.

A fully-digital market stall or shop where customers can sit, relax and peruse the interactive tablets displaying the entire range of stock.
People will be asked to complete a questionnaire to ascertain how they felt about the idea being a regular concept for their area and the information derived could be used for further development potential of the project.

There isn't currently an organisation whose concern is people on low incomes and it's a large sector of society, yet high interest hire-purchase companies target low earners, which often leads to stress from severe financial pressure, making even priority bills difficult to meet.

Focusing on sustainability, alternative buying habits and ethical living the £ssential Savings pop-up shop will keep the community interest spirit alive.

Keen to support local authorities, housing associations and charities needing a service providing affordable living essentials

Quality pre-owned goods at prices everybody can afford, competitive delivery options and a service which helps people find what they are looking for if it isn't already in stock.

In addition, we aim to support recycling in MK by offering a free-of-charge collection service of unwanted re-usable items to help reduce waste as not everybody has the means to recycle, especially larger items!

We welcome people from all backgrounds to work with us and assist on such a project to gain training and on the job work experience that could be useful when applying for permanent employment.