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MK 'Slow-Trade' Marketplace

  • Added: 24/07/15


There aren't enough alternative buying choices that support environmental sustainability on a local level.

There's fresh food producers and individuals offering excellent quality and more environmentally-friendly products in this locality but they don't reach the surrounding urban communities with large supermarkets dominating the market-share.

A regular monthly marketplace to promote a range of artisans, fair-trade, green brands with ethically sourced, sustainable produce. Creating a community event with a positive impact.

A collaboration of artists, makers & producers from our surrounding area. Celebrating all elements of sustainability, ethical sourcing and conscientious spending!

Upcycling, restoration, handmade, hand crafted, local produce, fairtrade, green lables and more....

Supporting the event an interactive APP whereby all contributors to the event can upload their products and services for free and create an online marketplace from which to trade 24/7.

A trading community assisting local commerce and encourages ethical living.