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Solar powered digital signage and information beacons for the Redways

  • Added: 18/08/15


Currently it is difficult to navigate the Redways using the existing signage. It is not clear which direction some signs are pointing and it is difficult to read the signs at distance or when the lighting is poor. In addition, the current signs provide limited information to the cyclist and this information can not be easily updated.

I propose the use of more high-tech signs on the Redways to improve navigation and support additional services such as acting as navigation beacons. The signs could be powered by a combination of solar and wind sources to provide high visibility in different light conditions. In addition to providing basic directional information, the signs could provide (second screen) information to cyclists using a mobile phone application. This would be achieved by turning the signs into Bluetooth LE beacons which are detected by the cyclist as they pass by. For example, the application could suggest things to do or see in the area they are navigating.