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Redway Problem Reporting App

  • Added: 24/09/15


MK has one of the best cycle route systems in the country but it is significantly under utilized. The use of the system is discouraged by problems such as poor lighting, overhanging vegetation, poor cycle priority at junctions, poor surfacing, glass on the surface, poor signage etc.

My idea is for a phone app which can be used to quickly and easily record and report problems with the Redway system. The app will be map based to allow issues to be located and photographs and comments to be attached to provide more information on a particular problem. The results of this reporting system would be immediately available to the Council and Parks Trust to take appropriate action. This action might relate to short term maintenance issues such as cutting back vegetation or longer terms issues which would improve the overall Redway network. Multiple reports of the same problem (for example poor surface at a particular location) could be used by the Council to prioritize the problems and direct resources to the areas of greatest need.

The app could significantly reduce the resources used by the Council and its contractors in surveying the Redways and allow more resources to be focused on fixing the reported problems. This would result in higher usage of the Redway system.

Users could, for example, be categorised on the basis of the school attended by the user and prizes awarded for the most issues reported by a particular school. This would encourage use of the app by children and as a result, encourage walking and cycling to school by children.