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Sourcing potential bus users

  • Added: 24/09/15


GoBusMK - A way of measuring potential bus use on currently non-existing bus routes in order to ascertain likely take-up should services be introduced.

A web site + mobile app to capture data on the use of potential journeys that would be made by bus, if only the route or the timing of the service existed.

For instance, who knows how many people would travel on a bus which ran regularly the length of Milton Keynes on the A5 – or any other grid road - and back?

The web site and mobile app would operate for a fixed period of time – a matter of weeks – accompanied by a relentless ad campaign on social and other media to source the data. A select number of routes would be investigated each time.

Should the project be successful (i.e. as a result of the research bus companies introduced new routes and services) it could be offered (for a price!) to other local authorities to carry out their bus journey wish-list research.