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Tackling waste through healthy neighbourhood competition

  • Added: 31/01/16


To increase household recycling:

An enthusing approach would be to create social cohesion and some healthy competition at the same time: by getting cells in MK's grid geography to compete on recycling figures in return for neighbourhood rewards e.g. some X-factor star performance, electric car charging points, a new play area for children - nice prizes that will not raise serious envy.

If MK Council is able to collect and provide benchmark data, all it takes is for a few citizens or a school to get competitive and start rallying their neighbourhood to drive down waste. Or carbon emissions, if neighbourhood level energy usage figures could be obtained from National Grid. Or water consumption, in association with Anglian Water.

Most people like a bit of competition, they like feeling connected to others, and they want to have a sense of purpose and meaning. It is these motivational drivers that projects to increase recycling and other sustainability goals involving people changing their behaviour should should tap into.