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Where we like to go

  • Added: 02/02/16


People like to congregate or take rest and amenity in places other than those prescribed by planners and developers. We find our places. Wouldn't it be nice to source people's places by allowing them to check in when they are at their place, and to tell us why. It could help inform future planning, improve management of facilities, encourage removal or development of unused facilities etc.

I enjoy peace and tranquility in places that others may not. We all enjoy different experiences. Some are happy with prescribed communal areas or managed parks. Some like a city centre bench to watch the world go by. Some find comfort in a busy public space with friends and colleagues. If we could somehow take a view of where and when people are in or at their "place" we could improve future design of our cities and improve or remove unused areas that don't hit the spot. By adding a gamification element to checking in, it could encourage more people to participate. Also, by offering consumers the chance to feedback why they enjoy that space, we could begin to improve our understanding of behaviour and directly influence policy around public realm and community areas. Not everyone wants a gravel path and meadow grass or a skate park and Starbucks. Many people enjoy spaces that are more urban with few facilities while others want a quiet oasis away from the crowd. The key is, they find it whether it is prescribed or not. Knowing about it will improve the way we live.