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Commuter Park & Ride

  • Added: 18/02/16


There are many areas of parking in Milton Keynes that are so rarely used compared to the overcrowding of the parking in CMK for people that work locally. Places such as MK Bowl have large amounts of parking, and could be used during the weekday as a place for commuters to park their cars and then catch an (eco!) bus into CMK/Industrial estates for their working day.

My idea will help residents of Milton Keynes to save money on the constantly rising cost of parking in CMK, the fight to find a space and to help ease the amount of traffic that also seems to constantly be increasing.

With places like the MK Bowl being so underused in the week, this would be a great solution to have as a "Hub" for a commuter park & ride. There could be a small charge for the cost of parking there and then have a series of routes that go around the centre. Park and Ride facilites are absolutely essential in locations such as Oxford and Cambridge in order to get in and out of the city, and I think that Milton Keynes could benefit from such a system.