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Videoing the Redway network

  • Added: 01/04/16

It's informative, cheap and quite to do.


People often don't use the Redways because they get lost, don't know the routes well or aren't sure how far the routes go.

People do not use the Redway network as much as they should partly because the current Redway map is out of date, they do not know the conditions of the Redways throughout any proposed route and they do not know what routes are possible eg the Heritage Routes, Millenium Routes as well as commuter routes from major centres to the Station and shopping centre.

The solution would be to video the Redway network, including National Cycle Routes 6 and 51, and pathways used as cycle routes such as the Grand Union Canal and Swans Way.

It would be aimed at cyclists (of all standards) and cycle groups (eg Broughton Cycling Group, Team Expresso, Milton Keynes CTC), walking groups and casual users.

I would like to upload these videos to Youtube and provide links to these user groups, parish councils, the Parks Trust and MK Council in order to encourage use of the Redways.

All that I need is a helmet mounted camera. I already have a plan for recording some of the higher priority routes.