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Schools Water Awareness Raising Project

  • Added: 10/04/16

This project raises awareness of water useage in the home and ways to reduce consumption.


Our project intendeds to help address the future water shortage in Milton Keynes, which is equivalent to 11 olympic sized swimming pools. This project aims to raise awareness within schools and the local community around reducing the amount of water used within the household.

Our project involves forming a student water awareness raising group starting with students from MK Academy. The project aims to raise awareness of the issue around water usage and the impact if current household usage stays the same. This would be carried out through a series of challenges and activities linked to the school curriculum targeted at students over a dedicated Water Week to help students and their families to understand the importance of reducing water used within the home (ie. for baths/showers, brushing teeth, washing up…etc.). The week will also involve surveys to collect data in relation to the amount of water used within the home. For example how long it takes for a student to take a shower and how much water is used within that time.