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Zero waste food shopping

  • Added: 18/10/16

Zero waste is a global movement that’s accessible to everyone!


Each year the UK generates about 30 million tonnes of waste from households, most of which ends up in landfill. Britain dumps more household waste into landfill than nearly all other countries in the European Union. Milton Keynes Council has a Zero Waste strategy to send nothing to landfill by 2024. Forest and Folk will provide residents with an opportunity to buy bulk dry goods such as pasta, rice, flour and beans in re-usable containers thereby reducing non-recyclable packaging waste.

Located centrally at Milton Keynes Arts Centre in Great Linford, Forest and Folk have been providing an alternative shopping experience for residents, enabling them to reduce the waste associated with toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaning products. Now they are turning their attention to food. By offering a range of dry goods in bulk, such as pasta, rice, flour, beans, dried fruit etc, residents will be able to buy only as much as they need, using re-fillable containers. A group of volunteers will gather data about the impact this makes on their domestic non-recyclable waste and the reduction in landfill waste will be monitored. Data will also be collected in store about the amount of landfill waste saved.