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Smart Manufacturing - Industrial Internet of things

  • Added: 21/10/16

We provide predictive maintenance solution to Industrial machinery that monitors its health.


Today millions of motors and generators power industrial applications world-wide yet understanding the heath of these machinery is often overlooked with many running until they fail, conventional conditional monitoring tools can be costly and time consuming.

Our predictive maintenance solutions listen to the heart beat of industrial motors, just like fitness trackers monitoring the health of our bodies. Our solutions enable machines to communicate how they perform, and offer advice and guidance on their maintenance needs.

Original equipment manufacturers and end-users can fit our smart sensors to their motors within minutes, and without wiring. Key health parameters such as temperature, overall vibration, cooling, bearing condition and rotor condition can be monitored using our electronic sensors, which include built in Wi-Fi communications through which they share real-time data. Collected data can be pushed into our secure, cloud based services, via a Wi-Fi router or smart phone. Once uploaded, data can be stored and analysed, with the results being shared via applications running on smart phones, tablets or a dedicated application portal.