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An on-line adoption hub

  • Added: 02/11/16

Transforming our website into an adoption hub can help more adults and children touched by adoption


St. Francis’ Children’s Society is a children’s charity and an independent adoption agency. We are the only adoption agency in the region who support adoptive, birth and prospective parents within a 50 mile radius of our office in Milton Keynes. Because many of our beneficiaries are parents and children, a large proportion of them will naturally seek information on the support we offer using our website. At the moment, we believe our website is a barrier to people needing our support services. We would like our website to become an adoption information hub for Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. This would allow those accessing our services to find the information they need as well as improving awareness of the support services that we offer.

Through our adoption hub for Milton Keynes we can help find more adoptive parents for more of the 2,000 children in care who can offer them a family life where they are loved, protected and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

We also expect to be able to reach even more people with a new website, as currently it is very slow which negatively affects our google rankings. In effect, it means that those considering adopting or those who need our services may not be aware that we exist as we may not come up in their google searches. This will be one of the many issues which we will resolve with a new website, making us much more visible and be able to recruit more families for the 2,000 children that are currently waiting for homes.

Another consideration is that our website isn’t mobile and tablet friendly. At the moment, over 60% of our users visit our website from a mobile or tablet. Currently, user experience seems poor on hand-held devices (very slow, short time spent on site per visit) so again, people who are in need of our services are unable to access them.

By making our website an adoption hub for the area, it will increase the number of people we can support and so have a positive social impact for those living and working in Milton Keynes, however they have been touched by adoption.