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Community Energy Data Map (MK:Smart Project)

  • Added: 02/07/15

We are opening up complex data sets for communities to make informed decisions about solar power


It is difficult for communities to know whether the installation of solar panels is worthwhile without detailed data.

We propose developing a data-driven website to connect together different users such as citizens, small and medium enterprises (SME), and Milton Keynes Council members.

Utilising a range of different datasets (such as aerial imagery and socio-economic data), this website will make energy data available to city planners, local communities and firms.

Citizens will be able to share information about their energy consumption patterns, insulation infrastructure and energy generation capabilities, which will contribute to a growing dataset that will help us to understand energy use in Milton Keynes.

Communities can use the website to make informed decisions about the best ways to save energy or installing new solar panels in the best locations.

Note: This is an example project which is being run as part of the MK:Smart project (, which is part of. It was not proposed by a citizen, nor was it funded by