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Community Raw Food Cafe Venue - Pay as you feel - chef training academy

  • Added: 08/07/15

I believe that we are the only RAW plant based food service provider between London and Birmingham!


My whole life is dedicated to helping people eat the BEST most healthy foods so that they may live a longer, more abundant healthy life with far less burden on medicines and medical care, and become fundamentally more 'wealthy' in their own selves.

Healthy eating on a very different scale than normal - health that looks naughty AND tastes like heaven.

Chef training academy where the students feed paying guests who pay what they feel the meal is worth!

Students trained to become the trainers

FRESH, organic, home grown, foraged, superfoods, raw and delicious foods that far outshine anything you can eat anywhere else in our county
Chef's can pay what the can afford for training, be volunteers whilst training or pay a set investment for their career choice (for students who come from other countries for example).

Running workshops for the public so they know how to make better choices is also high on our list to offer.

We have been trialing our raw cafe in Broughton since late March this year and so far the reaction has been extremely positive, to the point that we have a lot of support to grow our business idea into a marvelous community cafe that not only offers amazing, health giving foods and drinks, including fresh smoothies, juices and tonic elixirs, and offers a structured training plan for teaching this modality of living raw foods to budding new chefs or chefs wishing to diversify their existing skills AND also provides space for workshops, events, regular meditation classes, holistic therapies and become a hub of complete, holistic wellbeing for the community of MK.

We are ready to take our trial to a bigger venue, one with access to garden space for sensory dining experiences and to guests who pay 'what they feel their meal is worth'.

We could also accept some foods from stores which could be prevented from becoming waste - we can use a lot of ingredients in preparing raw living foods - further helping the local environment and waste services.