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Climate Adaptive Buildings

  • Added: 29/07/15

Immediate reduction in energy usage of buildings while creating better internal environments.


Most buildings constructed pre-2000 was not designed to be adaptable to the external environments. In particular, offices suffer from internal environments that are often uncomfortable for users without energy-hungry air conditioning or heating systems. This study aims to create a platform which would allow house owners and office occupants to share real-time data to be able to adapt their environments to adapt to the external environment.

There are three essential steps to this project;

1) Establishing a web-based platform to allow home owners, office workers, etc. to create a bespoke evaluation of the 'climate adaptability' of their buildings. This tool would consider the location, orientation, shape and form of the building, as well as the internal partitions. The tool would provide immediate assistance for the use of natural ventilation, shading options, thermal considerations and wind power availability.

2) Community supported weather stations would be established at strategic locations around Milton Keynes. The weather stations would be connected to the hub, with data from all stations centrally processed and combined to provide a 'climate dashboard' for all users (open access to all).

3) By combining the input from (1) and (2), it will be possible for the users to create digital 'environment dashboard' for their own internal environment. This tool would provide real-time advice on the daily strategy that the users can take to sustainably improve their internal environments. For example, an office worker arriving for work in the morning could review and decide on the best strategy for naturally ventilating their workspace.

4) Users will be able to provide feedback to the digital tool to calibrate the daily dashboard, in order to ensure that the tool could be fine-tuned for each internal environment.