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Community Car Service

  • Added: 13/08/15

The Community Car Service is a vital lifeline to elderly residents to increase access to services.


In Milton Keynes there is a large elderly population and this is due to increase. Many of these have limited access or are unable to use public transport causing isolation problems and ability to access medical services and social activities. In Milton Keynes there is a problem with missed medical appointments costing GP's £50,000 a year and MK Hospital £1.4 Million. Some residents are having to use taxi's which are expensive and they may not necessarily be able to afford.

Currently there is no designated volunteer Community Car Service for the elderly, disabled or vulnerable adults. MK Council run an oversubscribed Community Transport Minibus service which has been evidenced that it is not fulfilling residents needs and they have closed their books. Also because of Budget cuts MK Council may be looking to reduce/cut bus services which will reduce access to medical services or social activities.

The Community Car Service is to provide reliable door to door transportation for elderly, disabled, mobility impaired, vulnerable adults who struggle to access public transport, in order for them to access a range of medical services and social activities. The Scheme will take passengers from 17 estates on the South West of Milton Keynes including, Ashland, Simpson, Fenny Stratford, Brownswood, Caldecotte, Old Farm Park, Walton Park, Walnut Tree, Wavendon Gate, Passmore, Woughton on the Green, Woughton Park, Passmore, Woolstone, Fishermead, Oldbrook, Springfield, Willen.

We will recruit volunteer drivers from in or around these estates as well to keep the costs of travelling down to both driver and passenger and reduce the carbon footprint.

We will facilitate the journeys and allocate drivers to ensure efficiency of service, encouraging passengers to share transport to locations if they have similar appointments. Minibus schemes can take longer as they are picking up from many places before reaching their destination, our community car service is door to door so minimising the amount of time for the passenger spent in the vehicle and also reducing the cost of the petrol/diesel used.

All drivers will be DBS checked and receive appropriate training for the role.