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To provide a photovoltaic and hot water system for our community and youth centre building

  • Added: 04/11/15

Energy produced will go directly towards providing energy for the daily community activities.


We would like to provide clean, green energy for all the community activites which will take place in the new Oak Tree Centre. Therefore we are installing a photovoltaic system and a solar water heating system on the roof of the new building. We need funding for this aspect of our build. The community centre has widespread support amongst the community and the current users of our community groups such as parent and toddler, youth, language and elderly support groups. Our community groups are attended by those of various faiths and of none.

To provide a sustainable source of energy for the new Oak Tree Centre which will be a vibrant community and youth group facility for those of all faiths and none. Currently, Shenley Christian Fellowship provides a variety of projects for the local community. There are various aged youth groups, baby and parent groups, English as an Additional Language support groups and a drop in group - usually attended by older people.

We have outgrown our current hire of buildings in Shenley Brook End and work has started on building The Oak Tree Centre; our new community building. The building will be a central part of the local community as there will be a cafe, rooms for hire and of course a continuation and expansion of the community activities we are already involved in.

Most of our energy usage will be in the day time and therefore the majority of the energy we produce will be used for community activities in The Oak Tree Centre rather than be sold to the National Grid. Therefore it will benefit the local community directly.