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Deep Science of Bliss - Smart lifestyle in Smart City

  • Added: 18/02/16

The project is about making healthy relations between people, and cause constructive co-operations.


The main aim of the project is to sow a seed of real culture in our city. Real culture is when people have access to collective bliss experience, and together can constitute a decision making body. The project is a first step of introducing an awareness of how people should co-create a smart city.

The most important thing in our life is a bliss experience. The ability to sustain a charge implosion is a basic skill which we should teach our children as this is a cause for efficient immune system, and thriving in general. Bliss experience is a primary factor of a normal, and healthy life.

The Internet is an introduction to collective decision making. However, the real democracy would possible when people will be able to experience deep connection though collective bliss experience. Therefore, we - the citizens of the smart Milton Keynes, the light city - should organize as much professional meetings, scientific courses, collective contemplations as possible!

Thus, I would like to organize one, and invite a well known professional who will talk about deep science of bliss. We would love to share information about new healing technologies like The Theraphi which is a double conjugate bio-active plasma field generator, water imploder - and talk about application called Ithrive for Iphone which enables you to monitor your stress level.