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Bridging the gap between Digital Young Talent and Businesses

  • Added: 28/02/16

We understand the challenges faced by the unemployed young people and businesses.


According to Bloomberg Business, Youth Unemployment still remains one of the biggest problems in the EU today.

Young people are known as the "Digital Native" and that they often do not get recognition through their lack of qualifications and digital training through their educational pathway.

As a result of loosing their sense of direction and that their hidden skills that are not reachable to the employers, they loose self confidence and unemployment.

According to the research conducted by the Princess Trust, unemployment among young people is having a profound effect on both their mental and physical health. As a consequence, this has affected social and economic growth (European Youth Forum, 2013).

We help the NEET Group (Young people not in Education, Employment or Training) to gain work experience through a 2 weeks unpaid Internship Programme. Participants will be required to attend a 2 days of training programme whereby training such as Digital Workshop and Presentation Skills will be provided and a review with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) after the placement. For certain job roles, we will be working with our Charity Partner, Tennis2Bee in providing First Aid Training and DBS certificate.

Upon completion the programme, young people are required to demonstrate their digital ability and presentation skills through the use of our recruitment technology platform in transforming their unpaid internship to a paid internship.